How to Wear Barrettes & Style Tips

A hair barrette is one of the easiest ways to accessorize your look. Just literally clip it into your hair, and you’re done! Barrettes come in so many different shapes, sizes, and textures you are sure to find one that is the perfect compliment to any outfit.  Let’s look at some ways you can wear these easy accessories. 

Short Hair Barrette Styles

If you have enough hair to clip it in, you can totally rock a barrette.  A one-sided barrette makes for a simple romantic short hairstyle, especially when you add some soft waves or texture to your hair.  Experiment with different sizes of barrettes. A simple single line of pearls is an understated but romantic look.  A more chunky fatter barrette can give you a more edgy look. Take it to the next level with adding more than one to give a unique style. 

There are so many beautiful and creative short hairstyles that can be enhanced with fun accessories like barrettes. Check out Glamour’s list of awesome short hairstyles to try in 2022 for more inspiration and see how barrettes are combined with different styles.

Long Hair Barrette Styles

Barrettes are function and beauty all in one!  Tame those locks down with a beautiful barrette and instantly transform your look. 

Long sleek and straight hair can be accented with a beautiful simple barrette tucked behind the ear, if they are thin, think of adding two or three.  For longer curly hair, I love the look of a barrette holding some of those curls out of your face with a simple twist of the hair and a quick clip, you are adding function to fashion! 

Shop Barrettes at Hop City Design Co.

Hop City Design Co. has some great options for your hair accessory needs. These barrettes are feather light and are made by hand from polymer clay. They are great for everyday wear as they are coated in a glossy resin finish that makes them very easy to clean when needed. Pop a barrette in with a cute tee and pair of jeans and you have instantly elevated your look.  Hop City Design Co. Barrettes.